Register as a contributor

Register as a contributor

To become a contributor, please contact us at, with an outline of the material you would like to contribute, and details of your institution and/or collection.

You will be issued with a username and password which provides access to a secure section of the site. There you first enter a few details so that the source of your contributions can be displayed; you can then upload images and directly enter text, and immediately see the results on the web. All records and your user details can be subsequently re-edited, so additions and corrections are easily made.

Terms of use

The contributor of each record is explicitly identified on the site and all material remains the copyright of individual contributors and/or contributing institutions. Contributors are responsible for ensuring they have the right to reproduce submitted material. By uploading images and text, contributors warrant that the material is the intellectual property of themselves or their institution, and that it can be reproduced in accordance with the site’s copyright notice.

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