Lantern Slide

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Lantern Slide

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Lantern slide, moveable. Sold by Carpenter & Westley, 24 Regent Street, London. Gift of Bowdoin College.

This slide is marked with a paper label that reads: "no. 9. This Diagram shews the various Eclipses of the Sun, with the Transit of Venus." Turning the crank of this slide moves one of two silhouettes of the earth in front of the Sun, showing either a partial or full solar eclipse. Between the two lunar silhouettes is a tiny black disc which represents Venus and shows it's transit across the solar disc. Several sunspots are also shown.

Catalog no. 2001.0217.04 Physical Sciences Collection, Smithsonian Institution


Object contributed by National Museum of American History, Smithsonian Institution

Object 9 of 9 objects contributed by "NationalMuseumofAmericanHistory,SmithsonianInstitution".

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